Red Star International, Inc. provides programs and services aimed at building the capacity – the potential to understand and respond to health issues – of indigenous governments, organizations, programs and communities. Services include, but are not limited to, public health training, program development and evaluation, and community assessment and improvement planning.

Meeting Facilitation

Facilitation is an important part of ensuring a meeting achieves its objectives. Meeting facilitation often provides the structure needed to encourage participation, create a shared vision, achieve consensus, identify solutions, prioritize strategies, and develop benchmarks and timelines. Red Star uses a variety of techniques to ensure all voices are heard, respect cultural norms, engage individuals in small and large groups, and achieve meeting objectives. We facilitate all types of meetings, such as:


  • Tribal Councils and Health Boards
  • Governing Boards
  • Workgroups and Committees
  • Key Stakeholders (internal and external)
  • Community members
  • Elders
  • Youth


  • Team building
  • Focus groups
  • Program and curriculum development
  • Strategic planning
  • Summits
  • Community Forums
  • Other