Red Star International, Inc. provides programs and services aimed at building the capacity – the potential to understand and respond to health issues – of indigenous governments, organizations, programs and communities. Services include, but are not limited to, public health training, program development and evaluation, and community assessment and improvement planning.


The Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) is launching a national voluntary accreditation program for Tribal, state, local and territorial health departments in fall of 2011. Red Star provides tools, resources and training to assist Tribal Health Departments in preparing for accreditation.

Red Star assists Tribal Health Departments in preparing for accreditation by facilitating an accreditation readiness self-assessment and assist in the development of the three pre-requisites, which include:


Community Health Assessment

There are many reasons for conducting a Community Health Assessment beyond accreditation. Community Health Assessments are a collaborative process for gathering information and data to inform priority setting and health improvement planning, resource development and allocation, advocacy, and many other Health Department efforts.

Red Star draws from a number of different community health assessment guides, methods and tools to assist Tribal Health Departments/Organizations plan and conduct an assessment to meet their specific needs.

Community Health Improvement Planning

Developing a community health improvement plan is part of a long-term, systematic effort to address health problems on the basis of community health assessment results. It should communicate a larger vision for a healthy community through a collaborative process involving diverse Tribal stakeholders and community partners to set priorities and coordinate and target resources.

Red Star assists Tribal Health Departments in developing an effective community health improvement plan to inform policy development, delineate strategies, and identify outcome indicators within a defined period of time.

Strategic Planning

A strategic plan serves as a road map that outlines the long-term goals of an organization or program and details how these will be achieved by adopting specific strategies, approaches and methodologies. Red Star uses a process aimed at defining and guiding what an organization is, what it does, and why it does what it does.


Red Star uses Quality improvement (QI) processes to improve performance. The use of quality improvement (QI) techniques and tools to improve services and performance in public health is greatly increasing in the field of public health. Red Star offers QI training and technical assistance using a hands-on, team-building approach.